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Stock / Portfolio Review.
Are you someone who is loosing sleep over the constant change in your portfolio valuation? Not sure weather to hold, sell or buy more of your current holdings? or weather its a recent change in your risk appetite or investment needs?
No matter what the reason is, considering the ever present volatility in capital markets, having a protfolio created or establishing an investment strategy is never enough. One needs to regulerly monitor and re-tweek the portfolio to achive optimum performance.
Consider this
    Is your porfolio behaving badly?
    Does your stock underperform constantly?
    Do you have a short, mid, and long term strategy in place? Are you following it?
    Is your portfolio diversified enough to spread and minimise your risk?
    Do you understand current risk levels of your portfolio?
    Have your income or risk levels changed recently?
    Have you rebalanced your portfolio to reflect those changes?
If you don't know the answer to these fundamental questions, you could be making some very bad decisions.  Acting on emotion and reacting to all the TIPS you get from friends or your stock broker or the gloom in the media could be a serious mistake.
Portfolio Review
Understand your portfolio risk,
to avoide unwanted risk
exposure to risk.

How will it benefit you?
    Get accurate picture of the overall risk of your entire portfolio.
    Manage risk better by identifying over exposure. 
    Identify potential opportunities, in order to ensure satisfactory risk profile.
You could benefit NOW, by just fine-tuning your portfolio, or minimize surprises by understanding your risk exposure.
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